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ISBN: 0-9635759-2-9

1898 Charleston And Its Resources: Capitol City Illustrated

J. C. Tipton

This wonderful collection of historical and period photographs was originally printed in 1898 by Charleston and local businesses to promote the city and encourage new growth. Features touted to attract newcomers included free mail delivery, an established banking community, local and long distance telephone service, two electric light companies, paved roads, and electric street car lines. Photos depict local butchers and bankers, horse and buggy travel, and Victorian matrons replete with prams, strolling the streets of Charleston’s East End. Anyone who has spent time or lived in Charleston will enjoy comparing photographs of yesteryear’s houses and shops with their remaining counterparts today. Roughly 20% of the buildings pictured in this book are still standing, with the invaluable help of local preservationists. As one historian pointed out: “If a citizen of 1898 could return and stroll down Capitol Street between Virginia and Lee, they would recognize nearly every building.”

Pages: 106