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Appalachian Bigfoot

Dr. Russell Jones

The Appalachians are an ancient and mysterious mountain range, whose peaks at one time rivaled the Himalayans. The mysteries of these mountains have been cataloged by Native American tribes and settlers alike. One of these mysteries is that Bigfoot inhabits these parts.

Building off his book, Tracking the Stone Man: West Virginia’s Bigfoot, Dr. Russell Jones, a certified master naturalist, lifelong outdoorsman and longtime Bigfoot researcher, has put together one of the most complete examinations of these creatures in Appalachia with The Appalachian Bigfoot.

From his own field research and hours of interviews with some of the top and most active Bigfoot researchers across Appalachia, Dr. Jones, used a scientific approach of the data collected to help shed greater light on the mystery of the Appalachian Bigfoot and give insight into the existence of these elusive creatures.