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Trim: 6×9
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1942294-20-7

Coyotes of Canaan

Edwin Daryl Michael

In Coyotes of Canaan, we experience the day-to-day behavior of an extended family of coyotes, and are rewarded with an insightful, unique, and in-depth glimpse of their lives.

This historical novel shows with great empathy how coyotes and wolves live, take care of each other, and nurture their offspring.

Dr. Michael describes how coyotes hunt, their highly developed social bonds, their connectedness to the ecosystem, their interactions with humans, and, despite huge odds—their ability to thrive.

Coyotes were not present in West Virginia until 1950. Now they play a vital role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem throughout the Central Appalachians.

This book gives an excellent understanding of coyotes as well as the habitats of Canaan Valley.

This historical novel might well have been titled, The Canids of Canaan, in that it details events involving not only coyotes, but also wolves, coywolves, coydogs, domestic dogs, bear hounds, bird dogs, and foxes.

We also gain an understanding of the complexities of the ecosystems of the Central Appalachians and the diversity of wildlife that exists throughout the region. We learn about the sordid role humans have played in attempting to eradicate the coyote, the most successful of all wild mammals in North America. We then glimpse what the future could hold for these fascinating apex predators, which will play a vital role in maintaining balanced ecosystems throughout the 21st century.

Pages: 142