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Diablo or How I Met My Wife [Download only]

Bil Lepp

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Two stories to lighten your day and make you giggle. The title story is about how Bil met his wife, Paula. This is one of the truest stories Bil tells, though admittedly that ain’t sayin much. The first thing Paula did when she met was Bil was try to maim him by putting him on the back of a horse named Diablo. To be fair, a lot of people consider maiming Bil when they first meet him. Bil, seldom referred to as an expert equestrian, does his best to stay on the back of Diablo in order to impress the lovely Paula.

Tiki-Torches is the not quite true story of how the Tiki-torch was invented by the haphazard explorer Gerhard der Graf von Vanderberg-Tiki. It is also a story about how Bil almost blew up a Mercedes-Benz at festival fund raiser with a tiki-torch, oh, and about the Anarchist Anti-Fondue Movement.