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Durbin Route

The Greenbrier Division of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway
Bill McNeel

If you are looking for a complete history of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway’s famous Greenbrier Division between Ronceverte and Durbin, West Virginia than you need to pick up a copy of The Durbin Route by William McNeel. Interestingly, the book was first printed in 1985 just five years after the line was formally abandoned by then Chessie System. It has since been revised a few times. I would highly recommend it for any fan of the C&O or historian of West Virginia’s history with trains and railroads. Through eight chapters the author details how the line came into being and why the C&O decided to ultimately build it along with its daily operations for more than 80 years. He also covers other topics in the book via separate chapters such as passenger services, accidents, other railroads connecting to the branch, and structures located along the line.