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Trim: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-942294-69-6

Eagles Over Canaan

Edwin Daryl Michael

In Eagles over Canaan, we get to know bald eagles up close as they construct a nest, hunt, mate, and rear ever-hungry nestlings.  Readers are rewarded with an insightful, in-depth glimpse of their lives and the challenges they face.

Dr. Michael spent 30 years researching in Canaan Valley.  This fact-based, fictional novel provides an excellent understanding of eagles connectedness to the wetland ecosystems and diverse habitats of Canaan Valley.

Bald eagles did not nest in West Virginia until 1981 and were not residents of Canaan Valley until 2015, but are now successfully breeding.

Dr. Michael spent thousands of hours observing bald eagles in Canaan Valley, and shares his observations in this fascinating novel.  He paints a picture that you will not soon forget.

Pages: 102