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Trim: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781466401259

Fireside Folklore of West Virginia Vol 1 (Autographed)

Sherri Brake

Mothman, The Headless Ghost of Centralia, The West Virginia Penitentiary, UFO’s, Gravestone Symbolism, Ghosts on the Battlefield, Burn House Haints and more.

West Virginia is full of ghosts and folklore as old as the mountains. These Spirits are said to linger on in the hills and hollows.

Venture with author Sherri Brake, as she shares with you 24 chapters of her popular column, many with added details and never before published photographs.

From the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 Ghosts of the Civil War

Chapter 2 Gravestone Symbolism

Chapter 3 The Headless Ghost of Centralia

Chapter 4 The Captain’s Grave

Chapter 5 Ghost Lights of West Virginia

Chapter 6 The Mothman, West Virginia’s Winged Wonder

Chapter 7 Halloween Tradition’s

Chapter 8 The Shadow Man on the Hill

Chapter 9 Spirits of Christmas Past

Chapter 10 The Ghost of Darkish Knob

Chapter 11 The West Virginia Pen, Ghosts of North Hall

Chapter 12 Irish Ghosts and Superstitions

Chapter 13 Sycamore Lore

Chapter 14 Whipple Coal Company Store

Chapter 15 Starlight, Starbright?

Chapter 16 Haunted People and Haunted Places

Chapter 17 The White Wolf of French Creek

Chapter 18 Ghosts on the Battlefield

Chapter 19 The Ghost of Hangman’s Hill

Chapter 20 The Granny Witch

Chapter 21 Light a Candle for Me

Chapter 22 Burnt House Haints

Chapter 23 Carnival of Souls

Chapter 24 The Wearin’ of the Green

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About the author:

Sherri Brake is a columnist, paranormal researcher and owner of Haunted Heartland Tours. Her roots run deep in West Virginia with ancestors arriving in the 1750s.


“Over the past two years, our readers throughout West Virginia have truly enjoyed the tales Sherri has shared in Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine, and I am sure you, too, will enjoy them. Through them, Sherri has brought new life to the spooky history of our state and given new life to the ghosts as well.” – Lisa Hayes-Minney, Publisher of Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine

Pages: 173