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Golden Horseshoe

Frances B. Gunter

Eighth grade students have been awarded “The Golden Horseshoe” for excellence in West Virginia history since 1931. Award-winning teacher and author Frances B. Gunter makes West Virginia history come alive for students, parents and history buffs alike in her novels The Golden Horseshoe and The Golden Horseshoe II. The Golden Horseshoe received the Citation of Merit Award in 1992 from the West Virginia State Reading Council. The Golden Horseshoe II was written to fulfill the many requests by students, parents, and teachers to provide a sequel to the first novel. These modern day mysteries are a fun and entertaining way to learn some hard historical facts about the Mountain State.

Travel back into the history of West Virginia with three students as they solve a fascinating mystery. When young Ginny Lucas and cousins Chelsea and Brad discover an antique horseshoe pendant, the trio begin a dangerous trip through time, first landing in the caves of the ancient mound builders. Next the trio lands on Blennerhassett Island, on the eve of the Burr conspiracy, where they narrowly escape with their lives. When the teenagers arrive in Harpers Ferry, they witness the rowdy crowd at the grisly hanging of John Brown. They get caught in the crossfire between the Hatfields and the McCoys on the Tug River, and even experience some of the mine wars at Blair Mountain.


“Frances Gunter makes West Virginia history come alive with a great story line and characters with which middle school students readily identify. The students learn both the history of West Virginia and the pride of being a West Virginian. Parents have told me they enjoyed reading the book after their children had finished it.”
– Katherine A. Ferris, West Virginia Studies Teacher Reading Specialist

Pages: 135