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Trim: 6 x 9
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Greenbrier Ghost: Volume 2

And Other Strange Stories
Dennis Deitz

If you are familiar with Dennis Dietz’s books recounting West Virginia tales, especially his most popular, The Greenbrier Ghost, then you must have The Greenbrier Ghost 2. Here again Dennis has gathered colorful stories by West Virginians of all ages and walks of life. In his introduction Dennis says he is frequently asked if these stories are true. His reply? Only that each person who told him a story thought it was true, and he believed them.

From the Foreword by Dolly Withrow:

One of Appalachia’s crown jewels among all its authors, Dennis Deitz once again meets the public’s demand for his stories and story collections. Rapid sales of his first The Greenbrier Ghost prompted the publication of this second Greenbrier Ghost book.

Packed with even more compelling narratives, volume 2 provides readers with tales that stretch the imagination and lure the mind into a dimension where inexplicable things do happen. Each reader is transported from the world of adult skepticism to the magical world of childhood where anything is possible. Indeed, the teller of each story vouches for its authenticity..

As is true with all his writing, Deitz’s stories are filled with insight, wit, and sensitivity. A natural-born storyteller, the author once again proves he is truly an Appalachian icon.

Readers are advised to lock the doors, turn the lights on high, and be prepared to step into an eerie world where anything can happen.

Pages: 155