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Hatfields & the McCoys

Otis K. Rice

The story of the famous Hatfield-McCoy feud has often been depicted in articles, books, and movies – more often than not cloaked in myth and errors. Author Otis Rice’s account frees fact from fiction through extensive research using court documents, official correspondence, newspapers, and other documentary evidence. Rice examines the feud in the social, economic and political context of late 19th century eastern Kentucky and southwestern West Virginia. By doing this, Rice helps to explain the origins of the feud, its bitter and bloody history, and why it remains among the most famous family feuds of all time.


“A captivating account of two families whose stubbornness and loyalty were exceeded only by their capacity for a terrible revenge. Without a doubt, the Hatfield-McCoy feud will reign supreme as the most fascinating vendetta on the American scene.”
Southern Living

“An engrossing account of the Appalachian feud that has become a part of the folk history of America.”
Ashland Daily Independent

“Using court records, public documents, official correspondence and other documentary evidence, Rice presents an account that frees, as much as possible, fact from fiction, event from legend.”
McCormick (SC) Messenger

Pages: 150