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Trim: 7 x 9
Format: Paperback

John Brown’s Raid on Harpers Ferry

Jason Glaser

The story of abolitionist John Brown comes alive for young readers in this wonderfully illustrated graphic novel. See John as a young man outraged by the injustices leveled at the slaves and his first stand against slavery in Kansas then on to Harper’s Ferry where he planned on seizing guns from a military installation to give to the slaves to use in the uprising he hoped would end slavery.


“Books concerning the American Civil War are plentiful; books pertaining to the American Civil War that hold the interest of upper-elementary-age students are not as numerous. Luckily, this book falls into the latter category. Constructed like a comic book, the story of John brown and his valiant efforts to free slaves is told. The illustrations tell the story as much as the text does, but even the most reluctant reader will be impelled to read in order to understand the sequence of events. Factually accurate in the primary portion of the book, it is supplemented by two more pages of facts in the back of the book (John Brown had 20 children and was 59 when he raided Harper’s Ferry in 1859) along with a glossary, websites and recommendations for further research. Part of the Graphic History series that includes numerous titles, including Lords of the Sea: The Vikings Explore the North Atlantic, The Brave Escape of Ellen and William Craft and The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
Highly recommended.”
– Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database, January 2006

Pages: 32