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Trim: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-942294-72-6

Lies, Lore and Gossip

Anna Lee Robe-Terry

This is your favorite aunt recalling stories and sayings. It is full of lies, lore, and gossip. Anna Lee had a gift of imparting her wisdom and humor through her honest, captivating writing.

Anna Lee wrote these stories as she remembered them—all from the place she grew up and returned to later in life, Bunner Ridge in Marion County, West Virginia.

Anna Lee’s stories are about country life: interesting. You can tell by the titles:

The pregnant woman, the burglar and the midwife.

Funeral on the highest hill

Hoeing corn and the circus

Headless Horse of Nebo Hill

Panthers and vanishing people

Sniper hunting and milking

The book is also full of wonderful almost-lost knowledge on home remedies, hog-nosed snakes, and how to train a baby. Want to find out about the man who mistook his wife for a horse, or how to take one shot and kill three squirrels? Want to learn about traveling peddlers or adventures to have when fetching the mail?

There’s a story called “Skunk grease and just whatever.” And another, “We have the birds trained to think all those berries belong to them.”

It is all in Lies Lore and Gossip, so get two copies. You won’t be half done reading it before you think of countless people to give that second copy to.

Pages: 169