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Mayhem Dressed Like an Eight Point Buck [Download Only]

Bil Lepp

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Recorded live in Beckley, West Virginia, the recording includes seven tall tales, some new, some taken from his last book, Inept Impaired and Overwhelmed. Running time is over 67 minutes.

About the Stories:

Mr. Lepp, I Gotta Go:ᅠParts of this story actually happened. There was a kid who had to go, and go bad, but he had his own canteen.ᅠI invented much of the detail and events, but the message remains the same.ᅠBefore you get in a car with my dad – EMPTY OUT!

Woodpeckers Just Don’t Make the Best Pets: A guy named Dave R. told me about how he once caught a woodpecker with a burlap bag and bucket of water.ᅠIt was such a good story, I wanted to have done it myself.ᅠSo, I did.ᅠThanks Dave.

Stereotypical Clergy: This was my shot at getting on that NPR show that comes out of Minnesota.ᅠThey have a contest for talented people from small towns. I didn’t win.ᅠI suspect that this story is so good that they were scared to put me on, lest they all lose their jobs to me. And, I have to get Buck-dog on the CD somehow.

Something in the Water: Pure fiction, at last.ᅠI guess this tale is an answer to all the things I wish I’d have done to a few Scout Masters in my past.

Mayhem in Three Part Disharmony

Making it Mine: Skeet and I needed to meet somehow, and this just seemed like the best way to do it.ᅠ This part of the Mayhem tale is actually from the beginning of my yet to be published novel.

Jimmy Carter: My friend Shelley B. overheard her folks having a conversation about the doom Jimmy Carter would bring the world if elected. The whole idea was so funny I co-opted the situation and built this tale. Thanks, Shelley.

Mayhem Dressed Like an Eight Point Buck: Is it true?ᅠWell, it was close to being true.ᅠMy buddy and I had the idea but, for once in my life, I did the smart thing and let it go.


“With Lepp, the sorry, the low-down lie, becomes a grand and glorious creation, a verbal sculpture in which a hundred small fibs, stretchers, falsehoods and prevarications are piled together, shaped and molded into one stunning, awe-inspiring cathedral of flapdoodle and bull.”ᅠ- Duke Divinity Magazine – Bob Wells

“In the tradition of The Wrath of Khan, The Empire Strikes Back and The New Testament, Bil has created an amazing follow-up to his last CD with this latest foray into the Wild and Wonderful Lies of West Virginia” – Eric Boehling