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Trim: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-692-14511-1

Monongahela National Forest Hiking Guide 9th edition

Allen de Hart and Bruce Sundquist

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy, this new 9th edition of the treasured guide to every taril in the Monongahela National Forest features brand-new topographic maps and Kent Mason’s gorgeous photos, all in color.

This guide has been updated with the cooperation of National Forest District Rangers and Recreation Specialists, to reflect changes in the past ten years:
-newly designated wilderness areas
-new trails near campgrounds and sites of special significance
-a new complex of interconnected trails on Cheat Mountain
-rerouted and discontinued trails
-ratings for difficulty, scenery, access to water, and much else.

The definitive guide to the Mon adds a wealth of statistics and information about history, wildlife, and botany; safety, preparations, and weather; trail riding and cross-country skiing; as well as sources of further information.

This comprehensive guide covers everything a hiker needs to know when hiking in the Monongahela. It covers safety, detailed topographic maps, campgrounds, recreational areas and detailed information on trails, such as difficulty and access points. This book also covers four wilderness areas with a total of 77,965 acres and 21,300 acres of semi-wilderness zones. With over 200 hiking trails for more than 700 miles of prime hiking this book is an essential for all hikers.

West Virginia, the Mountain State, lies completely within the Appalachian Mountain system of peaks, knobs, hills, glades and valleys. In the state’s east are parallel mountain ridges from the southwest to the northeast. On these ridges and in the gorges and valleys between them are nearly a million acres of the magnificent Monongahela National Forest. The purchase of this land began in 1915, and each day since, the “Mon” has become more of a natural treasure. It’s wild and scenic expanse is enhanced with its eastern boundary adjoining the Jefferson and George Washington National Forests.

In this preistine domain are spectacular landmarks that include waterfalls, windswept but wildflowering balds, precipitous cliffsides, black bear sanctuaries, caverns, bogs with wild orchids, dark green groves of conifers, streams and rivers.

Throughout this natural heritage are many hiking trails, all described in this 7th edition of Monongahela National Forest Hiking Guide, the Mon’s most comprehensive guide on the market. It covers:

– instructions on how to use the guide,

– hiking and backpacking safely,

– more than 200 trails covering over 700 miles,

– trail scenery, difficulty, condition, distance, elevation, access points, streams, and skiing potential,

– detailed topographic maps, more than 50 photographs,

– 5 Wilderness Areas with a total of 77,965 acres and 21,300 acres of backcountry,

– developed campgrounds and recreation areas,

– nearly 700 miles of streams stocked with trout and bass,

– 1,400 miles of scenic forest roads, and

– nearly 160 miles of the Allegheny Trail.

Pages: 287