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Trim: 7×10
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-891852-210-7

More Than Beans and Cornbread: Traditional West Virginia Cooking

Barbara Beury McCallum

In this book you’ll find “old West Virginia family recipes” to leave your children, and their children. The kind that celebrate a time when cooking and eating were ends in themselves…not just the joyless science it is becoming. This cookbook will keep your family eating well, using simple ingredients. If you are mostly into microwave zapping, fast foods, or obsessed with low salt, fat, cholesterol, and have not much interest in how foods “taste”, just put this book down now. But if you like to eat, and believe the enjoyment of same is not the 8th Deadly Sin (as long as you practice Terence’s “moderation in all things”) then take it home with you. So, let’s break bread – West, By God, Virginia style – you’ll discover it is more than pinto beans and cornbread.

Pages: 190