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ISBN: 978-0971038905
More Than Penny Candy Dolly Withrow

More Than Penny Candy

Dolly Withrow

Beautifully packaged and meticulously written, the slender volume contains gems of essays that readers in many states have already praised. The judges of the West Virginia Press Association wrote, “Dolly Withrow was the clear winner [first-place award, 2000]. Her [essays] are bitingly funny and extremely well written. What a joy to read!”

Publisher of “The Jackson Herald,” Mike Ruben wrote, “Dolly is an artist at the computer keyboard. An expert grammarian with an Erma Bombeck style of humor, Dolly and her popular columns have drawn new subscribers.” Packed with wit, wisdom, and nostalgia, “More than Penny Candy” is sure to delight any lover of a good read. The author works language in the same way a world-renowned violinist plays a Stradivarius. In “Penny Candy” she lures her readers into a world now gone and enlivens it with powerful descriptive skills. While scenes from the ’40s and ’50s are brought to life, today’s society is painted with a broad satiric brush that elicits sidesplitting laughter. Little wonder her prose has won both statewide and national awards.

Let More Than Penny Candy take you on an armchair journey to yesteryear. Visit a small country store with its penny candy and once again taste the magic of childhood. Penny Candy contains vivid nostalgic stories of the ‘40s and ‘50s, as well as satiric pieces on today’s society. Mike Ruben, publisher of The Jackson Herald, says, “Dolly is an artist at the computer keyboard. An expert grammarian with an Erma Bombeck-style of humor.” With a broad satiric brush, Withrow paints a world that evokes continual laughter.


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