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Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians

William C. Roody

With its dense forests and plentiful rainfall, West Virginia and the rest of the Central Appalachian region is an almost perfect habitat for hundreds of varieties of wild mushrooms. For the mushroom hunter, this vast bounty provides sheer delight and considerable challenge, for every outdoor excursion offers the chance of finding a mushroom not previously encountered. For both the seasoned mycologist and the novice mushroom hunter, Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians serves as a solid introduction s of the region. Some 400 species are described and illustrated with the author’s own stunning color photographs, and many more are discussed in the text. Detailed mushroom descriptions assure confident identifications. Each species account includes remarks about edibility and extensive commentary to help distinguish similar species. A comprehensive glossary of specialized mycological terms is provided.

This easy to use, detailed guide is for both the beginner and expert mushroomer. Organized for convenient field use, the guide describes and illustrates approximately 400 species. High quality photographs of mushrooms appearing in their natural habitat make the identification process easier. Descriptions include common names, a discussion of look-alike species, scientific names and extensive commentary regarding edibility and traditional cultural uses for mushrooms.


“Anyone, experienced or amateur, who is interested in collecting mushrooms and related fungi in the eastern US should purchase this book. Even those who already have mushroom books should buy it, as it includes many species of fungi not usually found in similar books.” – Native Plants

“A first-rate field guide. . . . A ‘must’ for all mushrooming in the Appalachians, and will be required by all concerned with the identification, distribution, and ecology of macromycetologists in North America.” – Mycotaxon

“The most striking attribute of the book is the high quality of the photographs that illustrate all of the species included. Virtually all of them were photographed in their natural habitat with all of the important macroscopic characteristics shown. The exceptionally good color reproduction will greatly facilitate identification by amateurs and professionals alike.” – Choice

“An impressive new field guide. . . . Certainly one of the most thorough books available on this subject, and its generous use of color photography, clear organization, and succinct writing make it one of the most user friendly.” – Goldenseal

“Includes 400 full color photographs showing the distinctive features of each species in their natural habitats. Each photo includes a text that describes the mushroom, tells its common and scientific names, discusses look-alike species and whether or not it might make you sick.” – Dominion (WV) Post

“The author displays an excellent grasp of current scholarship…His presentation is detailed, while engaging, and entertaining throughout…descriptions are clear, concise, and accurate….This book will appeal to beginners and also seasoned mushroom gatherers.” – Don Yeltman

“A splendid book. These folks are thorough, and Bill’s book is evidence of their dedication and persistence.” – Paul Goland

Pages: 521