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Trim: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-891852-13-8

Once To Die

Scott Burgess

“It is appointed unto man once to die, after that the judgment.” When the apostle Paul wrote those words he had no idea the trials and tribulations to face Steve Thomas some 2000 years later. Upon Steve’s premature deathbed, coworker Rebecca Jones cries out in anguish that she wishes she could change places with him. This unusual exchange occurs, leaving the eternally optimistic Steve in the body of a woman married to a man with no teeth, no job, no morals, and, more importantly no car. With no place to go, no reason to live, and certainly no reason to die (again), Steve is given a second chance at life. But this time around, the cards are all stacked against him…. “The best book I have read in years! The depth of character, the humor, the emotion—it’ds all there.”—Scott Burgess “And all this time I thought he was having an affair. I hope we can get me that new dress.” –Cathy Burgess “Daddy said I can’t read it until he dies.”–Hannah Burgess “I’m not sure how he did the research for his finding on page 1247. Makes us all wonder…”—Katie Burgess

Pages: 287