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Trim: 4 x 7
Format: Pocket Paper
ISBN: 978-0-345-36638-2

Panther in the Sky

A Novel Based on the Life of Tecumseh
James Alexander Thom

Thom tells the story of powerful Indian chief Tecumseh, meaning Panther in the Sky, named after the shooting star marking his birth. As he led the Shawnee in the Ohio River Valley in trying to protect his homeland from the Colonials, his name and reputation became almost mythic. Thom’s exacting treatment of Shawnee life and passion for Shawnee custom and lore make for a fascinating and mystical novel.


“Thom shows how, in honest, capable hands, fictionalized biography can add verisimilitude to the life and times of this extraordinary America….The dialogue has the ring of reality about it….Thom is able to get into the thoughts and emotions of his characters….”

Rich, colorful and bursting with excitment, this remarkable story turns James Alexander Thom’s power and passion for American history to the epic story of Tecumseh’s life and give us a heart-thumping novel of one man’s magnificent destiny–to unite his people in the struggle to save their land and their way of life from the relentless press of the white settlers.

Pages: 685