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Pictorial Guide To West Virginia’s Civil War Sites

Stan Cohen

A classic and comprehensive collection of Civil War history – a must-have for Civil War buffs and historians alike. The book contains photographs and historical data for over 230 of the state’s Civil War sites – ranging from historic houses, buildings, and monuments to inspiring battlefields and poignant cemeteries. The sites are organized in the book by county. Each entry contains the location of the site. Most entries also contain either a contemporary photograph of the site or a historical image, or both. A study of these sites begins to portray the harrowing period that was instrumental in West Virginia’s formation in 1863. This guidebook is a valuable tool for understanding the events that shaped West Virginia in the momentous years of our nation’s darkest days and greatest conflict, the Civil War.

About the author:

Stan Cohen was born in Charleston, West Virginia and is a graduate of Charleston High School and West Virginia University with a BS degree in geology. He has worked in the oil fields of West Virginia as a geologist with the U.S. Forest Service in Montana and Alaska. He established Pictorial Histories Publishing Company in 1976. He has since authored or coauthored 68 books and published over 250 titles. He specializes in Civil War and World War II books and has traveled the world visiting military sites and attending military reunions.


A Pictorial Guide To West Virginia’s Civil War Sites And Related Information is a guidebook to the most important as well some little-known sites that have a connection with the Civil War in West Virginia. Provided is a general description of the location of each site for those who wish to personally visit them. Supplementing this fine Civil War guidebook the traveler should also have access to a good West Virginia state roadmap and a copy of West Virginia County Maps (published by Country Maps, Lyndon Station, Wisconsin) for more precise directions. Of course, local inquiry will be needed for some, and a few are very difficult to visit without a local guide, precise directions or permission form the local land owner. A Pictorial Guide To West Virginia’s Civil War Sites And Related Information also provides the casual reader with a better understanding of the events that occurred in the state during the momentous years of the Civil War through a description of sites that played a role in the conflict. With its wealth of historical photoraphs, A Pictorial Guide To West Virginia’s Civil War Sites And Related Information is a unique and valuable addition to any Civil Wars reference shelf.
– Midwest Book Review

Pages: 120