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Trim: 5.5 x 8.5
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-883206-32-1

Take Two & Butter Them While They’re Hot!

Barbara Swell

Swell has lovingly taken classic mountain recipes and added humorous kitchen lore, as well as vintage photographs, to come up with a fun and useful cookbook. Saying most of what she learned she learned in the kitchen, she offers such recipes as “garden fresh English pea soup”, “Chili Corn Pone Pie”, and “Tipsy Pork Chops.” Never forget this “Kitchen Wisdom from 1844: An ounce of experience is worth a pound of theory; A broken egg can never be mended; and never give up as long as there’s a pea in the gourd.”

Cook your heart out with generations of hand-me-down recipes and food lore! Barbara Swell has whisked up weather and cooking folklore, food insults, old-time home remedies, vintage photos, romance superstitions, hearth crafts and 19th century chores.

RECIPES INCLUDE: Appetizers: Cheese Straws, Pesto Cheese Ball, Pimento Cheese Spread, Soups: Brunswick Stew, English Pea Soup, Soup Beans, Turkey Corn Chowder, Breads: Fried Cornbread, Biscuits, Delicious Rolls, Pounded Biscuits, Cornbread, Challah, Rustic Bread, Torta, Sweet Bread, Saffron Bread, Stollen, Italian Spaghetti, Meat: Ground Meat Whirls, Ham Croquettes, Chili Corn Pone Pie, Chicken Pie, Mock Chicken Salad, Orange Chicken, Tipsy Pork Chops, Marinated Chicken, Salmon Loaf, Crab Cakes, Vegetables: Scalloped Potatoes, Parmesan Potatoes, Rosti, Sweet Potato Casserole, Cucumber Salad, Summer String Beans, Home-made Hominy, Pesto, Pesto Squash, Summer Squash, Fried Green Tomatoes, Fresh Tomato Salad, Condiments: Pepper Relish, Chili Sauce, Picalilli, Spiced Peach Pickles, Desserts: Oatmeal Cookies, Lebkuchen, Raisin Cookies, Pumpkin Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Cookies, Lemon Pie Cake, Pudding Cake, Pound Cake, Blueberry Cake, Apricot Strudle, Cinnamon Rugelah, Cake Good 1896, Wedding Cookies.

About the author:

Barbara Swell learned the art of old-time cooking from her Grandmother while growing up in West Virginia. She’s written three historic cookbooks, and also teaches old-timey cooking retreats. Barbara lives in Asheville, N.C. with her husband Wayne and their three teenagers.

Pages: 40