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Pages: 810
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-0-553-37865-8

That Dark and Bloody River

Chronicles of the Ohio River Valley
Allan W. Eckert

In this novel author Eckert chronicles a turning point in American history, the expansion and settlement of the Ohio River Valley. Eckert peoples That Dark and Bloody River with many fascinating, enterprising and heroic characters of the period. Through meticulous research and a powerful storytelling style, Eckert creates a fascinating portrayal of the struggle for domination of this valley, showing heroism and savagery on the part of both red man and white.

About the author:

Allan W. Eckert, seven-time Pulitzer Prize nominee, has written 39 books, including his award-winning Incident at Hawk’s Hill and The Frontiersman, plus numerous other historical narratives, novels and non-fiction works, as well as books for young adults and children.


In the middle of the eighteenth century, English colonists began drifting into the trans-Allegheny valley of the Ohio River, the first spasmodic thrust of the westward movement. They inserted themselves into a volatile milieu; Frenchmen and a seemingly endless variety of Native American tribes traded, competed, and frequently warred with one another. To paraphrase Trotsky, those looking for tranquillity picked the wrong place and time to be born. Eckert’s gift for connecting the lives of scores of obscure characters with a broader context provides the same masterful mix that made Evan Connell’s Son of the Morning Star a delight for both the scholar and the general reader. Although the famous (e.g., Mad Anthony Wayne) and the near famous (e.g., Arthur St. Clair) are given their due, Eckert is at his best in chronicling the lives and fates of ordinary people who ferociously struggled with nature and with one another to hold their piece of ground. An eloquent and often heartrending portrayal of a fascinating and pivotal epoch in American history.
– Booklist