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ISBN: 978-0-986-4267-3-5
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The Breaking Point Killing

During more than thirty years as a forensic psychologist, Dr. W. Joseph Wyatt has served as expert witness and consultant to attorneys on hundreds of cases. The Breaking Point Killing takes the reader on an in-depth excursion through eleven of the most compelling among Wyatt’s cases. Also included are additional chapters on research leading to best practice methods for assessment of child sexual abuse and a general chapter on issues relevant to forensic work such as competence, responsibility and much more.


“This book offers an authentic, close-up view of intriguing cases wherein the art and science of forensic psychology was brought to bear. I hope you will find, as I did, that the text is evocative, educational and even inspiring.” – Robert Wilkinson, Chief Public Defender, Cabell County PDS

“A talented writer, Wyatt’s perspective gives us a dramatic and first-hand view of the underside of lives gone awry…through courtroom testimony and forensic clinical opinions, Wyatt helps us understand how these tragedies occurred; why they happened.” – Dwight Harshbarger, Ph.D., Author Valley at Risk

“Dr. Wyatt does an outstanding job of seamlessly working in psychological fundamentals into the legal process in this book. He details how psychologists can play a crucial role in forensic cases and what exactly forensic psychology entails. Very interesting cases, assessment procedures and outcomes.”- Jennifer Tiano, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Marshall University

Pages: 224