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Trim: 7 x 10
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-891852-75-6

The First Campaign: A Guide to Civil War in the Mountains of West Virginia, 1861. Three One-Day Driving Tours

Hunter Lesser

West Virginia was the setting for the First Campaign of America’s Civil War. Here brothers clashed in combat amid the rugged mountains of “Western” Virginia in 1861. The First Campaign became a proving ground for soldiers and civilians who would shape American history.

In these mountains, a Union army lead by George McClellan battled Confederates directed by Robert E. Lee. McClellan rocketed to stardom here while Lee left the mountains in defeat. Meanwhile, daring Unionists forged a new Virginia government. With President Lincoln’s aid, the new state of West Virginia was born.

This guidebook offers three one-day driving tours filled with spellbinding scenery and adventure. Easy to follow directions, narratives and “fun facts” are your ticket to a delightful journey through these “enchanted” mountains.

About the Author:     Hunter Lesser has had a twenty-year career as an archaeologist and historical interpreter. His writings on America’s past have spanned topics from ancient Native American sites to Kentucky moonshine stills. A lifelong student of the Civil War, he served as a technical advisor for the Conservation Fund’s The Civil War Battlefield Guide. He resides in the Allegheny Mountains of West Virginia.

Pages: 96