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Trim: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-942294-73-3

Unresolved Lives

Seven Stories of Mayhem Including the Mad Butcher, Sodder Children, and Cabin 13
Susan William

Susan Williams grew up seeing the sad faces of the missing Sodder children staring out from their specially made billboard. She also lived in the shadow of fear created by the Mad Butcher.

As an adult, Williams felt privileged to meet with survivors of these tragedies. They wanted her to write about their loved ones and somehow change their grief to hope. This book records her efforts to do that.

It is Susan’s heartfelt desire to share these seven stories with as many people as possible.

Sodder family tragedy— On Christmas morning the Sodder house burned down. Five children disappeared without a trace. An iconic billboard helped keep the story in the news for decades.

Mad Butcher— Seven men. Two bodies were cut up, the others disappeared completely. Williams interviewed the man she considers to be the Mad Butcher.

Cabin 13— Rev. Flippo set fire to several of his own churches, embezzled money, stole from charity fundraisers, and brutally killed his devoted wife.

Theresa Woods—Just before her 14th birthday, Theresa went missing on her way home from school. Her father spent the rest of his life trying to find out what happened to her.

Cathy Carroll—was murdered the day before her scheduled divorce. Her husband was constantly cruel to her, her daughter, and anyone that stood in his way, including public officials.

Eddie Brown–A gentle man, Eddie always walked to work to open early so children could stay warm waiting for the bus. The senseless attack of Eddie shocked the community that loved him.

Pages: 100