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Trim: 6 x 9
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 978-1-942294-54-2
Volume 1 is also available.

West Virginia Civil War Almanac Volume 2 (Paperback)

Tim McKinney

Like its predecessor, this second volume of the West Virginia Civil War Almanac by Tim McKinney adds substantially to information in print regarding West Virginia Civil War veterans, and constitutes a highly informative tool for historians, Civil War enthusiasts, and genealogists. It consists of nine parts.

Part One provides a roster of 31,519 Union soldiers from West Virginia.

Part Two is an index to 12,683 Union veterans listed in the 1890 Civil War Veteran Census and published in volume one of this series.

Part Three lists Civil War veterans and their widows.

Part Four contains the names of deceased United States veterans in the 1890 Census.

Part Five provides names of deceased Confederate veterans.

Part Six indexes black troops credited to West Virginia.

Part Seven focuses on distribution of the state’s Civil War veterans with respect to their counties of residence.

Part Eight gives a Statistical Review of the 1890 Civil War Veteran Census of West Virginia.

Part Nine includes Addenda to Volume One.

In five earlier works on the Civil War, including Robert E. Lee at Sewell Mountain: The West Virginia campaign, McKinney has established himself as a careful craftsman in historical matters and a perceptive student of the war during which West Virginia was born.

McKinney’s West Virginia Civil War Almanac will place all persons with a serious interest in the Civil War in debt to him for making valuable source materials available in a convenient, attractive, and affordable format.

by Otis K. Rice, Professor Emeritus of History, West Virginia University Institute of Technology

Pages: 600